Your drupal host.We make Drupal Shared Hosting Easy!

Easy to Use

DruHosting.com has everything you need to host your Drupal website. It's easy to sign up and we make sure you have all the advanced features you need for Drupal. We also have ourstanding 24/7 customer support that specializes in Drupal!

Configured for Developers

It used to be a real headache to use shared web hosting for Drupal Development. Now with DruHosting.com it's possible to get the advantages of shared hosting AND get everything you need for Drupal Development.

Advanced Drupal Hosting: Features

With DruHosting.com you can launch your site quickly and we've provided everything you need to win! You don't have to be an expert in server management, just start coding!

New user sign up is easy.

Simple SetupSimple Set Up It is really easy to sign up!

PHP is already configured properly.

PHP is optimizedPHP is already configured for Drupal! Most importantly the PHP memory limit is configured at 128mb. Drupal may not operate correctly with any less. We have both php 5.2 and 5.3 available.

git is already configured properly.

git is Pre Configuredgit version control is already configured for Drupal! If you develop for drupal, you need git.

drush is already configured properly.

Drush is PreInstalledIf you are serious about drupal then drush has got to be part of your life. Many shared hosts make it impossible to use drush, but we pre-install it for you!

mySQL is already configured properly.

mySQL is optimizedIt is critical to configure mySQL properly for Drupal. We set the max packet size at 64mb to make sure you never run out of space. Without this feature you might get the dreaded "ERROR: The database has gone away."

We have great customer support.

Great SupportWe know that you need world class support for your drupal site. That is why we provided 24/7/365 access to drupal experts via email (response in 60 min or less guaranteed) and phone support M-F 8am to 5pm EST. You can always reach us when you need us.

Sometimes you just need MongoDB.

MongoDBSometimes you need a little noSQL in your life, and it DruHosting we can make that happen for you. MongoDB is the new standard for highly scalable open source databases and we have it for you here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

Can I use my own domain?

Sure! If you already have a domain you can use it with your DruHosting.com site, or we can register a new domain for you.

Do I have to use Drupal?

Nope! DruHosting.com works great with many content management systems (CMS) but our speciality is Drupal. We can answer just about any Drupal question you can think of, and that makes your life eaiser!

Why do I need PHP 5.3?

PHP 5.3 is required for Drupal 7. If you don't have it your Drupal site may not function properly.

Why do I need 128MB of PHP memory?

Most shared hosting environments only offer 60-90MB of memory for PHP. Drupal can do almost anything you can dream up, but it can be a bit of a resource hog. If you wan to ensure smooth operation, you need at least 128MB. At DruHosting.com, we can hook you up with even more memory if you need it.

Why do I need a 64MB max packet size for mySQL?

Most shared hosting environments do not allow you to configre the max packet size for your mySQL database. Many shared hosts even limit the packet size to 1MB! Drupal requires at least a 32MB max packet size or eventually you will get an error saying: 'The database has gone away.' Where did it go? You don't have to worry about it at DruHosting.com

How did you guys come up with the idea for DruHosting.com?

We love Drupal a lot, but we were frustrated because we had to quickly transition to a dedicated server to keep up with our sites. A dedicated server is overkill for 99% of the sites on the web and we wanted to make a place where we could host websites for our friends and customers, and now we are offering this great shared hosting environment to you!

Why would I want Drupal as a Service (DaaS)?

If you are building a content drive website that doesn't require any custom modules then DaaS is a great option for you. We will download and install any modules you require and handle all of the Drupal updates for you. All you have to do is create your content and configure your site. You won't ever have to bother with a shell prompt or version control system.

Why would I need Drush?

If you are hosting a Drupal site you either need Drush now or you will need it very soon. Drush makes tasks like updating all of your modules trivial. It also make it super easy to create backups and install new modules. Let's put it this way, using Drupal without Drush is like showing up to a gun fight with only a knife. You could do it, but we don't think it's a good idea.

How do I get started?

Choose the plan that works best for you and click subscribe!